Community of Metros News: COMET 2024 Eastern Meeting in Jakarta, 14-17 May

The Transport Strategy Centre (TSC) expresses gratitude with much appreciation to MRT Jakarta for successfully hosting the COMET 2024 Eastern Meeting last week. Nine members were in attendance for the three-day event, sharing their experience on the topics of non-fare revenue, congestion management, reliability, and applying technology and innovation. The TSC delivered tailored presentations for the Asian metros to benchmark their Key Performance Indicators and Safety Performance Indicators. The presentations highlighted the exceptional performance of Asian metros, particularly on reliability and safety. The attendees had an opportunity to discuss in detail about the operational environment, challenges, and key trends in metro operations.

During the meeting, MRT Jakarta also welcomed attendees to the Lebak Bulus Depot, Operation Control Centre, and a new TOD site adjacent to Blok M BCA station. Members were also informed of potential collaborations with MRT Jakarta in terms of TOD development and training projects.